The Amazing Race at Revolution Church

Welcome to the Amazing Race at Revolution Church!

Revolution Church meets Sundays at 3644 Highway 31-W White House, TN 37188. During the month of January, as we learn the missionary journeys of the Apostle Paul, we are embarking on an adventure together as a church to have fun, learn about the Bible, grow our community and serve together. This is accomplished through a series of challenges that will total 28 and be awarded as a winner to the best team on February 3rd.

Here’s how it works – and check back here each week for updates!

  1. Name Your Team. Be creative, clean and fun!
  2. Complete a task as a team, any order, any time. 
  3. Take a photo or video, upload to social media. Use #RevRace and your team name with # (Example: #TeamRevolution)
  4. New tasks will be revealed each week. If you don’t see points automatically added, email Nikki at
  5. Teams can be MORE than four, but at least four and every team member must complete the task to get the points, even if you post individually, the whole team must do it to be awarded the points.
  6. If you get started late, no worries! No task has to be done by any certain time during the month. Start where you can and catch up!

Week 1 Obstacles

  1. Hello, I’m Batman. Actually, I’m a building & you need a selfie with me.  (50 Points)
  2. You don’t know me, but I am in the car behind you in drive thru. Make my day and maybe I’ll pay it forward! (75 Points)
  3. Lights! Camera! Action! Each team member record & upload a 30-60 second video about WHY YOU LOVE REVOLUTION CHURCH. (75 Points)
  4. Let’s address the elephant in the room. On second thought maybe it’s the antique elephant. Smile! (25 Points) 
  5. Let’s put the SERVE in Live.Love.Serve. Volunteer and serve for any area at Revolution. Don’t forget your pic. (150 Points)
  6. We are better together. Eat and pray. (25 Points)
  7. THIS WEEK’S DETOUR: Donate goods to The Hope Center or similar care warehouse and get documentation. (100 Points)  


– Grand Prize $250 Dinner
      Gift Card of Your Choice

– Prizes & Trophies for Top 3 Teams