Message Notes and Video: Nothing Is Impossible (07.08.18)

Nothing is Impossible – 07.08.18 from Revolution Church on Vimeo.

Pastor Bill Petty

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Nothing…Is Impossible

Luke 1:37 – For with God nothing will be impossible.

How many times have we seen this on a T-Shirt, or bumper sticker…or more recently a mem?  What does it REALLY mean?

Within the context of Elizabeth conceiving a child in her old age, we find this Scripture in it’s traditional sentiment.  There is NOTHING that God can’t do. He can do anything.  Absolutely.


But…is there truly nothing that God can’t do?  Can He do something that is against His nature?  That would be something that He couldn’t do…right?

Taken on its own, somewhat separate from the story…as is fairly common with this verse, we might also interpret as “There is nothing that we can’t do when God is with us.” Within His will, true. Absolutely. Drop Philippians 4:13 and Mark 9:23 alongside as motivational statements and you’ve got some big thinking to do.

Philippians 4:13 –  I can do ALL THINGS through CHRIST who gives me strength.

Mark 9:23 – Jesus said to him (the father of a boy stricken with a spirit of sickness), “If you can BELIEVE, all things are POSSIBLE to him who believes.”

But, let’s take a different approach…look at it from the back side. We read “nothing” from the perspective of God’s capability. Of course, there is “nothing” that He can’t do, and I am fully secure in the understanding that I can do whatever God desires for me to do.

But…just for giggles, what if we looked at “nothing” from the perspective of what we do…when WE are with God. Not just in His presence.  Not just spending 2-3 hours on Sunday morning at church…but in a relationship with Him. Truly in fellowship with Him.

In the Beginning…Adam and Eve were with God.  They spent time with God.  They were unblemished, and they served in the full capacity for which they were created. Then…The Fall.

The relationship was broken.  

And to this day, we remain broken.  And in our brokenness, the Enemy can speak lies into us. Use misdirection to get us looking where he wants us to look.  Why serve God…when you can serve yourself?

As God reaches out to us with mercy and grace and forgiveness, He begins to knit the pieces of us back together.  And as each little piece becomes restored in it’s rightful place, our body and spirit and soul and mind begins to function more efficiently.  And in that efficiency, we are capable of doing more.  And more.  More than we ever thought possible. If fact, our self desires to serve…because we are becoming restored to our original design.  To worship.  To serve.  To function as He intended for us to function.

Like the new Christian that is ON FIRE for God.:

Doing nothing is impossible.
Being nothing is impossible.
Saying nothing is impossible.
Serving nothing is impossible.
Living a life that demonstrates virtually no reflection of the eternal gift of salvation should be impossible…right?

Romans 12:1-2

“NOTHING” is and should ever be impossible.

If we truly believe in this thing called faith.

If we have accepted Christ as not only our Savior but also as our Lord.

If we profess our love for God and are willing to accept His gift of grace and forgiveness and mercy…the result of that love MUST be an uncontrollable urge to demonstrate that love to others. To bear witness to His grace.

With God, nothing…is impossible.