Devotional: Thank God for My Church

brad johnsonBy Brad Johnson of Revolution Church

Brad is a member of Revolution Church and a biological, adoptive and foster parent. Brad and his family have been attending Revolution the last few years, and he has battled issues with his sight which limit his ability to read the Bible and see everything that happens at church the way the rest of us may take for granted. Additionally, Brad uses his phone to magnify text and speak to text so he can effectively communicate and grow in his discipleship. Brad shared this writing with us and we wanted to pass it along, and if you have a story to share, let us pass it along too! Thanks Brad for being a part of Revolution Church!


What do I think about Revolution Church.

I love the love in this place.

It opened me up to see God’s grace.

When I walk in and find a chair.

I sit down knowing I’m around people who care.

I hear the man on stage speak of God’s truth.

I don’t get mad are anxious if he goes long in the tooth.

This place truly is of God’s intention.

When I speak of church Revolution is one I always mention.

We are the Church of the broken and sinners.

It is here where we grow and learn that was God we will all be winners.

When I am there I don’t feel like I’m in a building with a steeple.

I feel like I am in the room with God and all his genuine people.

I thank God everyday that I finally found a place to call home.

Finally in here my soul will no longer roam.

The only time it saddens me to hear “and with this I close.”

Is when the pastor says words like those.

Thank you God
Thank you for Revolution
Thank you for Kris Freeman
Thank you for Bill Petty
And thank you especially for Dave Sherman
Thank you for Tony and Nikki Dykstra
Thank you for Christina and Logan Douglas
This is just a few people that I have had personal experiences with that have helped me and taught me and inspired me to seek God more in my life. And to pursue discipleship.

by Brad Johnson