New update on Pastor Roy Lamberth: Home and getting stronger!

brother royAn update on the improving condition of Pastor Roy Lamberth…

By Pastor Kris Freeman, Revolution Church

Pastor Roy Lamberth has been home since the end of last week and is resting each day and regaining strength and getting better. He suffered from a cardiac event a couple of weeks ago, and his family mourned the passing of his wife, Dot, last week and her funeral was on Friday.

Thank you to the many individuals who have reached out to care for Pastor Roy and his family. While he is in good spirits and gaining strength, he still does not have the stamina to see an overwhelming amount of guests. If you would like to help with the family and provide meals or other care, please contact Coach James Honeycutt at White House High School or contact Nikki at the office of Revolution Church at 615-334-1228. Thanks for praying for a great man!