New Series: BIG (The God of Your Dreams) – The Life of Joseph

At a very early age, young Joseph was beloved by his parents and blessed with visions much beyond what he was able to understand. But like many of you may have experienced in your lives, Joseph shared his dreams with those close to him and found betrayal, distrust and envy. His dreams looked to be crushed by circumstances, evil and despair.

When his brothers sold him off and tried to destroy him, God opened a new world for Joseph which would spin full circle into a blessing to eventually reunite his family and show an incredible story of preservation and forgiveness.

Join us in January 2018 at Revolution Church for a journey through the story of Joseph as we unpack a big God, your big dreams, and what God can see that your eyes have yet to picture.

Don’t give up just because you are in the pit, and don’t lose faith because it seems hopeless. God is much bigger than that! He is the God of Your Dreams!

Sunday – 10:15 a.m. 3644 Highway 31-W White House TN.

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