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Christina Douglas

Christina Douglas is the director of RevKids for fourth grade and below at Revolution Church. She has been married to her husband, Logan, since April, 2001, and they have six children: Tristan (19), Derrick (15), Isabella (11), Annabelle (10), Joseph (9) and Charlie (7). Logan and Christina are an amazing family who serve as biological, adoptive and custodial parents. Christina serves with Revolution Church and is a stay-at-home mom, and Logan works ProMetric Testing Center and is a test center administrator. Logan is a deacon at Revolution Church and assists Christina in teaching RevKids.

Christina graduated from John A. Logan College in 2005 with a degree in sign language interpretation. Logan is a graduate of Welch College with a degree in Biblical and Ministry Studies.

Christina loves scrapbooking, is ridiculously OCD, and does not share the pastor’s love of sports. In fact, Christina said “it goes way beyond not even liking sports.” The pastor did not approve of this message.

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